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  • 2-7. Cass and Bo

    2-7. Cass and Bo

    We pause to take a look at two of the most famous subjects of Theodoric the Great.

  • 2-2. The Usurper

    2-2. The Usurper

    Odoacer is a name that is little known and little celebrated. This episode illuminates the career of the soldier who closed the book on the Roman empire, who he was, and why don’t we know him better?

  • 15. Unmitigated Gaul

    15. Unmitigated Gaul

    418 CE to 456 CE A senator by the name of Eparchius Avitus is dragooned into filling the imperial shoes left behind by the well-aimed brick that took out Petronius Maximus. His life gives a framework for discussing the place of southern Gaul within the Roman empire, and how the Visigoths were settling in. And…

  • 13. The Apostle of Noricum

    13. The Apostle of Noricum

    The life and times of Saint Severinus c. 450 to c. 482 CE “At the time of the death of Attila, confusion reigned in the two Pannonias and the other borderlands of the Danube. Then Severinus, the most holy servant of God, came from the east to the marches of Noricum, and tarried in a…