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  • 21. Alas, Britain

    21. Alas, Britain

    c. 367 to c. 460 CE Britain was abandoned by Rome early compared to the rest of it’s territory, and what followed wasn’t pretty. Okay, so, we have arrived at the much-teased episode about post Roman Britain. Hopefully I haven’t hyped this too much; I do try my best to manage expectations. A few days…

  • 16. Speaking Frankly

    16. Speaking Frankly

    The Franks, Part I 280 to 480 CE We welcome the Franks onto the stage of Europe, and look at their origins, early history, ferocious reputation, and the way modern politics work their way into the telling of history. The floodgates have opened, and now the puns cannot be stopped. Kyrie eleison. We have arrived…